A picture of our Executive Director/CEO, Jerry C. Dillard, smiling while wearing a suit in our office.
Jerry C. Dillard CSW, CAS, NFAS

Executive Director/CEO
(973) 742-6742, Ext. 305

Jerry C. Dillard has served as Executive Director/CEO for CAPCO Resource Center since 1999. He is responsible for the agency’s strategic planning, program development, and overall fiscal management. He supervises CAPCO’s Case Management Team in the implementation of ten programs, and he supervises the Prevention Team in the delivery of comprehensive HIV prevention services.

In addition, he is a Consultant/Trainer for the Rutgers University, the NJ Department of Health- Division of HIV, STD and TB Services, and for the various Eligible Metropolitan Areas (EMAs) and Transitional Grant Areas (TGAs). Training includes Supervisor Skills Building, Motivational Interviewing, Behavior Change Theory, Harm Reduction, Treatment Adherence, Client-Centered Strategies and many others.

Since 1987, he has experience coordinating the full spectrum of biopsychosocial support for persons who are chemically dependent and/or living with HIV Disease. In his roles at various agencies, he has established protocols to track persons who are mentally ill, medically compromised, and/or substance dependent; implemented team-building exercises to maintain staff cohesion; and assisted in the integration of behavior change theories into the delivery of HIV service management and drug treatment.

He holds the following advanced credentials: New Jersey Certified Social Worker (CSW); American Academy of Health Care Providers Certified Addictions Specialist (CAS); National Association of Forensic Counselors: Nationally Certified Forensic Addictions Specialist (NFAS).

Tisa N. Smith, CCM

 Medical Case Manager
(973) 742-6742, Ext. 306

Tisa has worked in the field of HIV/AIDS for over 20 years. Her background includes Addiction Services, Housing (Section 8), Group Homes and Transportation Services. Tisa earned her Case Management Certification through the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ’s Center for Continuing and Outreach Education: Division of AIDS Education. 

Sandra I. Rodriguez

Case Manager
(973) 742-6742
, Ext. 307

Sandra has over 20 years of experience in Bilingual Case Management services. She enjoys working with people from all cultural backgrounds and aims to make a difference in her community. Sandra is certified to conduct HIV Counseling & Testing services by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.

Andrew’s skills in grant writing will hopefully create and expand CAPCO’s programs to provide more resources to its consumers.

Hashibiah Y. Nelson

Disease Intervention Specialist
(973) 742-6742
, Ext. 308

In 2013, Hashabiah Y. Nelson received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and his Bachelor of Arts in Latin from Montclair State University. He is currently working towards completing his Master’s program in Public Health. He brings a decade of clinical healthcare experience to aid in his position. Hashabiah is Licensed to perform HIV Counseling and Testing in the State of New Jersey.

As a Disease Intervention Specialist, he works with those infected with Syphilis and other STI’s. He engages individuals in partner elicitation/contact elicitation and then notify partners according to protocols. He ensures that all parties involved get the necessary treatment according to New Jersey Department of Health Standards. As the Disease Intervention Team Leader, he is responsible to network and regularly communicate with collaborating agencies, especially those who are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of STI’s/STD’s to ensure successful implementation of program initiatives and objectives.

Andrew G. Alvarado

Case Manager/DiseaseIntervention Specialist
(973) 742-6742
, Ext. 303

Andrew is Licensed to perform HIV Counseling and Testing in the State of New Jersey. He has conducted over 1,000 HIV rapid testing sessions for a diverse community of people in need of knowing their HIV status.

As a bilingual (Spanish/English) health professional Andrew has two primary responsibilities at CAPCO; Disease Intervention Specialist and Medical Case Manager. As Disease Intervention Specialist, he assists individuals who have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases by linking them to care and conducting contact tracing and notification. As Medical Case Manager, his primary objective is to improve health care outcomes (i.e. viral load suppression) of persons living with HIV.