The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is

the largest Federal program focused exclusively on HIV/AIDS care. The program is for individuals living with HIV/AIDS who have no health insurance (public or private), have insufficient health care coverage, or lack financial resources to get the care they need for their HIV disease. As such, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program fills gaps in care not covered by other funding sources. (HRSA)

The Bergen-Passaic bi-county entity constitutes a single Transitional Grant Area (TGA) under Part A of the 2009 Ryan White CARE Act, which administers funding through the HIV/AIDS Bureau of the United States Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration.

The CAPCO Executive Director composes grant requests that make the following Ryan White assistance available to eligible clients:

        • Medical Case Management, including treatment adherence services;
        • Non-Medical Case Management;
        • Substance Abuse Counseling and Treatment
        • Psychosocial support (Support Group); and
        • Housing assistance; (HRSA)

Schedule an appointment with the CAPCO office in order to assess your present financial situation. One of our case managers can help determine whether you are eligible for assistance under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program.