It is important to know how HIV is spread and to know your HIV status. Knowledge is power: knowing your status is the first step toward early treatment, and knowing your status will help protect individuals to whom you might transmit the virus. Getting tested is what you can do to fight HIV/AIDS, but remember that you are not alone.

If you think you may be at risk for infection, you can find an HIV testing center by using the Locator: simply enter your ZIP code at the upper right corner of the page. You can also text your ZIP code to KNOWIT (566948 ) to find a testing center near you.

Check out some of the awareness resources made available online! For more information, please schedule an appointment with your doctor. You can also get in touch with the CAPCO resource center to learn more about medical services and financial assistance. Our case managers understand that it takes much courage to discuss personal information, and they sincerely value your trust. We offer non-judgmental care and the confidentiality of any information that you provide us.