Le’Berta Irby, LaShell Ullie, and Eric Oyola have allowed CAPCO to cite their respective feedback:

Le’Berta Irby has nine grandchildren and a great-grandson. She expressed how, because of her experience with CAPCO, she is better equipped to live with HIV:

When I first was told I was HIV-positive, I thought I would die. I started hiding my diagnosis and went back to drugs. My behavior has changed as a result of my going to CAPCO. CAPCO has given me strength, hope, and promise. I have now started my recovery and have a much better understanding of my situation as a patient who is HIV-positive.

CAPCO helped Le’Berta obtain stable housing, and she continues to stay active in CAPCO programs: “I go to everything,” she added. “I graduated from the Wellness Programs and was taught coping skills.”

Born and raised in Paterson, makeup artist LaShell Ullie attended Passaic County Technical-Vocational High School and Passaic County Community College. He was diagnosed with HIV in June 2001 and first came to CAPCO in August 2006.

LaShell perceived that his family was originally in denial about his illness. Since speaking with CAPCO about disclosure, LaShell has been able to cultivate—within his family members and within himself—a better understanding of HIV/AIDS. “The disease no longer defines who I am,” he says. “I am now confident about living with AIDS.”

Moreover, CAPCO has helped LaShell secure housing. After his experience with CAPCO’s case management services, he is now considering becoming a peer educator so that he can share his experience and hope with others. “Helping others is inspiring to me,” he says. “It makes me keep my head up. Just by reaching out and talking, you can survive.”

Eric Oyola offered to share the following comments:

CAPCO has helped me out with situations, making sure I get medical and dental care. HIV/AIDS does not discriminate, and neither does CAPCO.

Other agencies cannot do the things CAPCO does.  The staff is great!  They are right on point.  The CAPCO staff does what it is supposed to do and treats you with respect.

CAPCO has ensured I had enough food.  The messages that I received are good.  I would recommend CAPCO staff, especially since they have a sense of humor.  Humor makes me feel more comfortable.  My information is safe and confidential.  If CAPCO stopped providing services, I don’t know what I would do.

To deliver private feedback, you may email Executive Director/CEO Jerry C. Dillard at capcojcd@aol.com or drop a letter in our office‘s suggestion box. Thank you very much for your input!


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