Recognizing the barriers to care that often exist for people living with HIV in our community, CAPCO established a Community Health Worker (CHW) program within Project CHANGE in 2018 under the New Jersey Department of Health’s Division of HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB Services. The program works by linking community members living with HIV to a Community Health Worker who not only serves as a frontline public health worker but is also a trusted member of the community which they serve. Community Health Workers thus use existing relationships with community members to strengthen the relationship between CAPCO and the community which we serve. Community Health Workers:

  • Are credible and trustworthy for community members
  • Act as a positive role model for community members
  • Facilitate communication between medical staff or other service providers and patients
  • Focus on empowerment of community members
  • Share personal experiences

CAPCO’s Community Health Worker helps:

  • Find new cases or people living with HIV who have been lost to care
  • Accompany clients to medical visits, mental health appointments, substance use treatment, and/or social service appointments
  • Provide education on the HIV viral life cycle and discuss HIV medications/treatment readiness, lab values, drug resistance and adherence, sexual risk reduction, and/or drug use/harm reduction
  • Mentor and coach clients on interactions with medical and social service providers
  • Provide emotional support and informal counseling with client about disclosure
  • Assist with making appointments for HIV primary care, other health care including mental health care, substance abuse treatment, housing services, other support services
  • Client access medications and schedule transportation
  • Follow up with client about a service or referral and provide reminders for upcoming appointments

Stop into our office today to see how our Community Health Worker can help you to live your healthiest and fullest life!