Individuals who meet the appropriate medical and financial eligibility criteria may be referred to the following assistance programs by our case managers:

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA)
Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS
Project CHANGE

Our Medical Case Management, as summarized by the HIV/AIDS Bureau, comprises

a range of client-centered services that link clients with health care, psychosocial, and other services. Coordination and follow-up of medical treatments are components of medical case management. Services ensure timely, coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health and support services and continuity of care through ongoing assessment of clients’ and key family members’ needs and personal support systems. Medical case management includes treatment adherence counseling to ensure readiness for and adherence to complex HIV/AIDS regimens. Key activities include (1) initial assessment of service needs; (2) development of a comprehensive, individualized service plan; (3) coordination of services required to implement the plan; (4) client monitoring to assess the efficacy of the plan; and (5) periodic reevaluation and adaptation of the plan as necessary over the life of the client. It includes all types of case management, including face-to-face meetings, phone contact, and any other forms of communication.

Whereas our Non-Medical Case Management encompasses

guidance and assistance in obtaining medical, social, community, legal, financial, and other needed services. Non-Medical Case Management does not involve coordination and follow-up of medical treatments, as Medical Case Management does. (HAB)

Our Case Managers conduct themselves according to the HIV/AIDS Case Management Standards of Care enacted by the Paterson-based HIV Health Services Planning Council. We thus assure non-judgmental care, an LGBTQIA+-affirmative environment, the confidentiality of any information that you provide us, as well as the confidentiality of information that we receive on your behalf. When you meet with our staff, we make available an overview of medical eligibility criteria, financial eligibility criteria, and CAPCO policy statements. If you ultimately qualify for enrollment under our Case Management services, your file is kept within a restricted-access system, and referrals to external agencies are carried out only with your written consent. Our Case Managers understand that it takes much courage to discuss very personal information, and they sincerely value the trust of their clients.

Schedule an appointment with the CAPCO office in order to determine your eligibility.