Individuals who meet certain medical and financial criteria may be eligible for enrollment in CAPCO’s 340B Pharmacy program, known as CAPCO Rx. This program provides:

  • Access to all prescribed medications at no cost
  • Payment of medication co-pays
  • Monthly nutritional support to improve health outcomes
  • Medication pick-up and delivery options
  • Access to mail order and local pharmacists

To be eligible for this program, clients must be currently enrolled in Medicare, a Medicaid HMO, and/or Private Insurance. Unfortunately, individuals without health insurance and individuals using solely Medicaid or ADDP as their insurance are not eligible for this program. For more information regarding CAPCO Rx or to schedule an appointment, please call (973) 742-6742 or stop by the CAPCO office in person.

340B Pharmacies are a federally-mandated program offered at community agencies across the country. These programs provide medication at no cost to the client while also raising funding for the agencies which coordinate these programs. For more information about the federal 340B Pharmacy Program, click the link here.

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