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The website is managed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and it provides comprehensive information about HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, testing, treatment, and legislation. You can check out their Facing AIDS gallery: see how others are living with HIV/AIDS and find out how to share your own experience for World AIDS Day. Connect with on the following social media services:

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The Blog

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts forth information about HIV/AIDS in order to generate awareness and thereby to effect prevention. Connect with the CDC on social media, check out their blogs and podcasts, and subscribe to their RSS feeds:

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CDC Vital Signs: New Hope for Stopping HIV

The bimonthly HIV treatment journal Positively Aware is made available at the CAPCO office. Click here to view their Summer 2012 edition, which

focuses on overcoming obstacles to testing, care and treatment through the lens of advocates, physicians, and peer counselors who share their own personal stories of tragedy and triumph.

The following is “Dr. James Curran on 30 Years of AIDS,” which recounts the history of HIV/AIDS from the first cases in 1981. The documentary is made available on